mardi 30 janvier 2018

Studies and Dramas

Hello Everyone,

It's been a long time and also before it's too Late Happy New Year everyone.

I have been Busy with Uni between Chinese & Portuguese studies.

I have almost finished the book  "Assimil" of Spanish that i use for self learning. And also i have finished the book "Genki" for Japanese i'm quite happy. Maybe after the Spanish book i will do about Hindi.

I'm quite happy that i have finished the one about Russian, Japanese & Spanish.

For my portuguese studies i use a lot Lang8 for practice my written expression and i try to watch Telenovela even if they have so many episodes so it's so long, sometimes i try to translate mangas, or listen to music, i watch futebol and news in Portuguese.

For Chinese i have found that i have one issue and that i suck at Written Expression, so i try to do more and more written expression since the beginning of the year (i try to keep updated of what i do on my tumblr that i use also now for #studyblr and #langblr ) and i use Lang8 for that people correct me.
The teacher that i have at Uni try to correct me and think it's one great idea, even if she can't correct me everything since sometimes i use caracters that i don't need to learn right now. And i didn't need to do many but she is glad that i try to work a lot.
She thinks for Uni i should write again all the dialogue that we see in class for progress more. And she said to me that if i wanted to show her some written expression i could do some about the subjects we saw in class.

After i try to watch some drams for better listening right now i'm currently seeing Ice Fantasy.

And i have also watched many korean dramas (right now i kinda want to finish the book that i used to do about self learning too).
The Dramas that i have watched are :

- Sungkyunkwan Scandal

- Girls Generation 1979

- Some episodes of Unknown Woman (that i watch on KBS World)

- Same for Lovers in Bloom

- My Golden Life

Many Korean dramas that i have watched are some who are diffused on KBS World :)

lundi 25 septembre 2017

Chinese studies and dramas (Part 2)

New part about my chinese studies & dramas :

So i have watched the drama Hayate The Combat Butler :

Even if it's adapted from one manga, the version is really great i really liked it, the cast was really great (even if it's was weird the main actress who is korean), the history is wonderful and the music is okay

and also Happy Michelin Kitchen :

Even if it's one long drama, i really loved the history with the fact we think the main actress is a man, the cast is okay where Blue Lan is better than in P.S Man, i really loved this drama

mercredi 13 septembre 2017

Chinese studies and dramas (Part 1)

Since i'm back to university i'm currently in one period of watching Taiwan dramas (for the moment) and i will do some review here about these series.

I have watched Bromance that i have loved
The story is great i like the stuff about (gender bending), the cast is really great, i have watched the series in 3 days and loved it.
The music is also great.

After i have watched P.S Man, the plot was okay i really wanted to like it, but it's was just okay and the casting was so so and same for music.

mercredi 16 août 2017

My progress with manga

Hello everyone,

So during this summer i try to improve my portuguese by translating some mangas that i have found in Portuguese (and that they are not released in France and it's Giant Killing.

Where everytime i don't understand one word i put it in my notebook and translate it.

And for Chinese i do the same with the manga Dear Boys where i try to read it and also after translate it (it's one of my favorite anime, and i have found the manga and the scans in chinese)

samedi 22 juillet 2017

Little Update about my studies

Hello everyone,

I think i would like to add something about my studies.

So for Portuguese i would like to do more research about Dona Maria, and do one big presentation about her (thanks to the movie Dear Zindagi for have make me learn about her).

After i will do some research about Malacca in Malaysia (i don't think i will learn Malaysian) because it's was Portuguese for a while.

And i thinking to learn Greek (Modern) again because i still love this country, history and all this stuff.

Maybe i will try during the summer to finish the first book of "Genki" for Japanese.

lundi 17 juillet 2017

About my studies

Hello everyone,

So i have news about my studies and my self learning.
I have my year for my diploma of Portuguese (even if i didn't validate one thing about language maybe i have to recup all, i will see next year but i'm happy because i have a good average for every civilizations stuff. I just need to work harder for write and oral.

For write i use a lot now lang8 who is really great and i plan to use more.

I have only two years left for my studies in Portuguese and one for Chinese.

I still plan to learn Spanish & Japanese in self learning.
Then also have some basics for Hindi because i think it's could be great related to the past with Portugal.

I have finished my book (Penguin New Course) so i have some basics for Russian

And i have one period where i would like to learn Korean (where i have continued the book at university), maybe Cantonese, and also Vietnamiese (where i had some class at University)

And right now because of Eurovision i want to learn Italian (so maybe i will see for begun Teach Yourself or Assimil)

mercredi 29 mars 2017

Want to be polyglot

Hello Everyone,

Almost one year without one post, but here my return.

I want to be a polyglot so bad.
I'm currently study Chinese & Portuguese at University.

Where at home after i watch show and series in Mandarin, try to translate and read in Chinese and for Portuguese i listen to some show and music.
And i think i will begun to watch some Brazillian Series.
Or maybe the remake Portuguese of El Ministerio Del Tiempo

After i work a little when i have time my spanish with the book from Assimil. And i will try to listen to more songs and maybe watch series in Spanish

And with my hobby for Final Fantasy i want to get back at Japanese (where i have continued the Genki) and maybe i will try little by little to translate some otome game who are released on PSP.

I have almost finish my book about learning Russian who was "Penguin New Course"

And i have one period where i would like to learn Korean (where i have continued the book at university), maybe Cantonese, Hindi (where i have the Teach Yourself and one class from University) Also Vietnamiese (where i had some class at University)

And right now because of Eurovision i want to learn Italian (so maybe i will see for begun Teach Yourself or Assimil)